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Conversation With A Startup CEO… “When Should I Start Q1 2014 Recruiting?”

I have had a number of conversations the last two weeks regarding 2014 recruiting with a common theme:

When should we start?

Part of the answer depends on when in Q1 you want folks to be starting. The CEO I spoke with yesterday said Jan 6th, the first full week of 2014.

My answer to the CEO:


Here’s the deal… we have roughly nine weeks until the first full week of 2014.

We lose a couple of days for Thanksgiving and likely many around Christmas and New Years with them being in the middle of the week.

Let’s say we lose two weeks for the holidays, vacations and personal days.

Let’s say your new hire gives a two week notice.

We now have around five weeks to source, recruit, interview and extend an offer.

For those startups and tech companies that have a Recruiter, HR or other staff person who can do this and depending on the number of positions that should be enough time.

For those who do not have someone to help the timeline may feel a little tight.

If I am going to be hiring after the 1st of the year I am still going to start having conversations now. This is a great time of year for “a cup of coffee” and get to know someone.

Reminder… recruiting is 24/7/365

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