Q4 2013 Trend: Minnesota Companies Hiring Jr Recruiters And Coordinators
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Conversation With A HR Director… “Why Is It So Difficult To Hire A Recruiter?”

Yesterday I posted Q4 2013 Trend: Minnesota Companies Hiring Jr Recruiters And Coordinators.

Later in the day while walking through the Downtown Minneapolis skyway I bumped into a HR Director at a big bank HQ’d in Minneapolis.

She had seen my blog post and was wondering what recruiters were looking for in a company. That they have been recruiting recruiters for a while and not having much success.

Here was a list off the top of my head and in no particular order:

Responsive hiring managers

Reasonable number of jobs, skill sets to recruit for

Tools that allow for better sourcing of candidates

An applicant tracking system that does not suck, use friendly

A budget to be able to sponsor user groups, associations and activities

Time to build talent pools/pipelines

Life/Work balance… many (most) people cannot talk on the phone during normal business hours because, well… they have jobs. So 7 am and 7 pm phone calls are common which makes for a long day.

Realistic job descriptions… no “Purple Squirrel” recruiting

Admin staff who can help with reporting, offer letters and scheduling interviews

I had a bunch more on my mind when she said:

“So what you are saying is (long pause)… take out all the crap so recruiters can recruit?”



HR Director:

“Would you work for us as we are today?”



HR Director:

“We have some work to do (looking off in the distance)”



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Andraya Thompson

Paul - You hit the nail right on the head. Talented recruiters who excel at full life cycle shouldn't be stuck doing admin work/recruitment coordination, or just sourcing. There should be a true partnership that allows recruiters to collaborate with HM's to define requirements FIRST, instead of reacting to a 'pie in the sky' or 'purple squirrel' request.

Also, companies should truly assess who they have on staff & determine if the results they are receiving align with the overall company vision & goals. If the company wants progressive results, having 'post & pray' types isn't going to get it for you.

Truer words have never been said… "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you've always gotten".

Kelly Wittrock

Not every company has their recruiters sourcing for "Purple Squirrels?!" Perfectly stated, Paul!


Right on Paul. Thanks for sharing. I think there is a lack of understanding, support, and value of the recruitment function in most companies.

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