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LinkedIn Is Down, What Am I Going To Do?

Earlier today LinkedIn was having some service issues and for many the site was “down”.

I took a call from a search firm friend that went like this:

Search Firm Friend: Are you on LinkedIn?

Me: Well... yeah, you know this.

Search Firm Friend: No, are you on the site right now? We are wondering if something is wrong with our account or if they are having issues.

Me: Hold on let me...

Search Firm Friend: LinkedIn is down. What am I going to do?

Me: Pick up the phone and call someone.

Search Firm Friend: (pause) I’m going to get some coffee.

In that moment… his work day was ruined and my suggestion of him picking up the phone and talking with any candidate was more than he could handle.

So I hopped on Twitter and searched #LinkedIn and saw a hilarious stream of Tweets that ranged from:

“How am I going to do my job”


“I don’t know what to do”


“I guess today is an “old school” day of recruiting with the phone”

I was truly shocked though at the number of folks who felt lost without LinkedIn.

It’s a great tool to use, Top 3 for me, but really… you’re hosed if it goes down for an hour?

So I posted part of that exchange above on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (once it was back). I had someone say,

“OK smart (bleep), what would you do if you were him?”

Here is what I came up with and remember we are talking about a search firm recruiter (this list might be a bit different for corporate recruiters) and assume LinkedIn is down for an hour:

- 30 minutes: Do a search in your ATS (database) for the same skill set you would search on LinkedIn and set it to candidates you have not contacted in more than six months. Send them an email, catch up and see what they are up to.

- 15 minutes: play with Facebook Graph Search and see if you can find folks by company/competitor name, skill set or school attended.

- 10 minutes: Those business cards sitting on your desk from the last event you attended… email them.

- 5 minutes: call the candidate you have been meaning to get back in touch with. Hopefully this takes longer than 5 minutes and while on the phone LinkedIn comes back “on”.

And then I wondered… how many recruiters would stop being recruiters if LinkedIn went away?

That’s a post rant for another day.

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