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LinkedIn Is Down, What Am I Going To Do?

Earlier today LinkedIn was having some service issues and for many the site was “down”.

I took a call from a search firm friend that went like this:

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Survey: IT Leads Q4 2013 Hiring Forecast And Hot Jobs List

Careerbuilder has their Q4 2013 U.S. Job Forecast (link to their PDF) focusing on full-time, permanent jobs.

Industries hiring more than the national average:

  • 36% Information Technology
  • 32% Financial Services
  • 30% Manufacturing

That IT leads on the survey should be no surprise to anyone.

More highlights from the survey:

Q3 2013 full time, permanent hiring:

  • 28% added (32% 2012)
  • 11% decreased (12% 2012)
  • 60% made no change
  • 1% were unsure (or what I like to call clueless)

Q4 2013

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Conversation With A PHP Developer... Should I Take The Startup Job?

A PHP developer I met this spring at sent me an email wondering about a job offer they received and wanted to walk through it with me.

I know they had been thinking about an employer change for months wanting to get into the startup world and always stopped from taking the leap for one reason...


I get that concern, I really do.

It can be very scary to jump from a large, mostly stable employer (if there is such a thing) to work in a young company (the company, not the people), without customers (likely), that has funding (seed capital) for 9 months (yikes) and little to any benefits (whoa).

We went through a long list of things to consider:

- Salary

- Company culture (what there is of it)

- Experience of the Founders

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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

The following have been added to the page:

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Conversation With An IT Manager... I Only Want To Recruit Those With Jobs

A CIO asked me to have a chat with an IT Manager who was being a pain in the (BLEEP) because they will not hire... will not speak to anyone who is not currently in a full time job.

The scenario is this:

A member of the development team “Joe” has a friend “Larry” who was let go from “Startup” who was struggling to raise cash. Startup had to let some folks go.

Larry is a very talented .Net developer and works easily in large/small groups and is someone you can put in front of an internal/external client and feel comfortable he can talk both business and tech.

IT Manager will not interview Larry.

IT Manager thinks there has to be something wrong with someone who was let go. Why was Larry let go and not someone else? Larry must have been expendable.

It’s worse than this...

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