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2013 Best Interview Question... What Do You Want?

What do you want

I have been recruiting for 15+ years and my phone calls/screens and interviews have changed very little... mine is a friendly conversation style and not at all like a traditional interview.

No “tell me a time when” questions.

And no “gotcha” questions.

I don’t have a series of questions I ask everyone. I don’t have “check boxes”.

More like baking a cake from scratch. I know what is needed but each time things are a little different.

Choose your adventure may be a better way to describe it.

This year I started asking a very basic question and one that until the past 18 months or so I could not answer well or at least not with conviction:

What do you want?

Not as in the usual five years from now where do you see yourself type of a question but a sincere, serious and fundamental question.

Can you answer it?

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HELP… My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

No, my account has not been hacked.


The last few days I have seen this posted a lot and been inundated with Direct Message Spam from those who clearly do not know how to button down their Twitter account.

I have received a bunch of messages like:

I recommend to visit this (LINK)

Hi! I advise this site (LINK)

If you would like a outstanding way to earn an income read this (LINK) its super simple

Recommend (LINK)

Most folks think they have been “hacked”. As in someone stole their password.

This usually is not the case.

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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

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Conversation With A Minnesota IT Recruiter... “Would You Work For Your Client?”

Boiler Room, Vin Diesel.jpg

“None of this Debbie the Time Life operator bullshit. So get on the phones, it's time to get to work. Get off your ass! Move around. Motion creates emotion.” - Boiler Room

I had an eye opening, jaw dropping conversation with a Minnesota IT Recruiter colleague.

They were looking for a pep talk and I don’t know that I helped much.

They have worked at one of the large (read that as publicly traded, office in every city) sweatshops consulting firms for quite a few years (counting on two hands now) and has finally grown tired of the “Boiler Room” business approach most groups use.

To which I first asked:

“What took you so long?”

There were a bunch of reasons why they have “finally” come to this point.

But one is still nagging at me. I asked them:

"Would you work for your clients?”

And the answer was not “no” it was:

“Hell No!!!”

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Minnesota IT Job Search And Career Advice

The past couple of weeks I have seen a noticeable significant increase in the number of Minnesota IT professionals reaching out to me via Twitter, LinkedIn, email and shared people connections looking for job search, career, annual review and need to ask for a raise advice.

Maybe the increase is because I have not been attending user group events this summer (#GoneFishing) and absence has made the IT folks hearts grow fonder.

Paul DeBettignies Fishing, Minnesota Recruiter, Minnesota Headhunter

Could be... I doubt it.

My opinion: it’s the beginning of a shift in our IT community... those doing the work are more than ever weighing their options. And they (you) are being more aggressive about.

These are a sample of the questions from the past weeks:

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