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HELP… My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

No, my account has not been hacked.


The last few days I have seen this posted a lot and been inundated with Direct Message Spam from those who clearly do not know how to button down their Twitter account.

I have received a bunch of messages like:

I recommend to visit this (LINK)

Hi! I advise this site (LINK)

If you would like a outstanding way to earn an income read this (LINK) its super simple

Recommend (LINK)

Most folks think they have been “hacked”. As in someone stole their password.

This usually is not the case.

They may have been foolish enough to click a link and enter their password and it was “phished”.

What most folks do is they change their password

Good move… I would too.

And then nothing else.

There is another thing to do too.

Go to Twitter… click the wheel in the upper corner… click on Settings like this:

Twitter Settings

Then click Apps like this:

Twitter Apps

Here you will find all the Apps you have given permission to access your account.

Some of these can do the following on your behalf… you gave them permission when you clicked on their button:



Direct Message

Now go through the list and consider clicking “Revoke access” on anything that does not seem familiar or trustworthy to you.

I do not worry about sites like LinkedIn, Storify, Instagram, Klout, etc but I do most others.

Here’s the deal… if you are posting Spam on Twitter publicly or through a Direct Message you can change your password all you want and it may not, likely will not stop.

You need to also go through the above steps.

And for the love of Social Media (and not making yourself look like a fool) be careful what you click on, who you are giving passwords and access to.

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