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Conversation With A Minnesota IT Recruiter... “Would You Work For Your Client?”

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“None of this Debbie the Time Life operator bullshit. So get on the phones, it's time to get to work. Get off your ass! Move around. Motion creates emotion.” - Boiler Room

I had an eye opening, jaw dropping conversation with a Minnesota IT Recruiter colleague.

They were looking for a pep talk and I don’t know that I helped much.

They have worked at one of the large (read that as publicly traded, office in every city) sweatshops consulting firms for quite a few years (counting on two hands now) and has finally grown tired of the “Boiler Room” business approach most groups use.

To which I first asked:

“What took you so long?”

There were a bunch of reasons why they have “finally” come to this point.

But one is still nagging at me. I asked them:

"Would you work for your clients?”

And the answer was not “no” it was:

“Hell No!!!”

And that kind of stopped me in my tracks.

I guess having been on my own for my career I have been able to pick searches and projects I really want to work on. In every case I have felt strongly about the client, who they are and what they do, that I too could see myself working there.

It seems dishonest for it to be any other way.

I didn’t have any good advice for my colleague other than maybe it was time for them to move on.

I do have some advice for my IT friends who are reading this... next time you are working with a search or consulting firm recruiter ask them:

“Would you work there?”

“Could you see yourself 180 days or 3 years from now?”

“Would you be happy with that hiring manager, team?”

More than the answers to the previous listen for the other cues like the awkward silence on the phone, ummm…, yeah…

They will give you the info you are really looking for.

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