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Take This Job And Shove It… Can We Talk About Retention?

Take This Job And Shove It, Payscale Data

Earlier this week I posted and expressed some thoughts on recruiting. It caused a stir in the IT and HR world here in Minneapolis.

I had an idea for a similar post (some would call it a rant) about retention and then a survey and some commentary came out this week from Payscale. And rather than take CEO’s to task twice in a week I will let the data and video speak for itself:

Payscale has a series of posts:

I am having a Groundhog Day moment… I don’t know how many times this year I have said:

“If we’re all recruiting that means someone is losing their employees.”

While IT tends to see the most pressure right now many skill sets have become competitive. And most companies are doing nothing about retention.

And take a look at any agenda of any HR conference this fall and compare how many recruiting presentations there are versus retention. Retention is getting very little attention.

Frankly… that’s good for me and my clients.

While we are keeping our teams and recruiting from others most companies have no clue what is going on.

I hope they don’t see this post.

This is a good exchange on Bloomberg about the Payscale data and retention in general:


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