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Minnesota Morning… A “No Think Zone” Experiment

I have had a few moments today (kind of like a “déjà vu”) where I have stopped in my tracks (literally including while jogging today) and said to myself:

“What are you thinking”


“What were you thinking”

And I am reminded that thinking has become a problem for me. I already know this. My friends already know this. This is not news to anyone.

When it comes to friends and colleagues the past months I have found myself saying to them:

“Trust your gut”

And then I think (this time it helps), am I trusting my gut? What’s up with all the thinking, analyzing? You give great advice… you should probably take it.

For me I have always had an “inner compass”. It’s a good one that served me well but at some point a few years ago (around the time of the Great Recession) I swear my DNA changed.

It has not worked for me. Maybe not hurt but certainly not helped.

And there have been a couple of times in the past year when I went full strong on something without much thinking and was burned reverting back to thinking.

Here is some proof…

This blog post starts with “Minnesota Morning” and I am typing at 6:00 pm. I would normally not post this.

If I don’t post this then another awesome set of photos would not get published. Last night we had a beautiful red sunset and a full moon. You would not be seeing these:

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Minnesota Sunset - Lake Calhoun - Minneapolis Minnesota Sunset - Lake Calhoun - Minneapolis Minnesota Sunset - Lake Calhoun - Minneapolis

Once In A Blue Moon - Lake Calhoun - Minneapolis


Or my “thoughtful” quote today:

How bad do you want it?

Go get it... take it if you have to #ItsTime

You would not know that I am moving forward with doing two conferences/events/training of my own this fall… one focused on recruiting for startups and a second on recruiting like a startup geared towards HR folks.

And that seems wrong to me. Silly for sure.

Back to the title of the post and this being a “no think zone”…

These days leading up to Labor Day I am going to try and “do” things versus think and strategize about them. And then wonder analyze and think some more.

I need to trust my inner compass and let my friends who are cheering me on tell me when I am getting sideways.

I know what I want.

I know how to get it.

Maybe things will not be “perfect” or done in the “correct” order.

Who cares…

Time to turn on the fire hose.


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