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Want To Learn Ruby on Rails? Check Out Rails.MN

Last night I attended my first (@RailsMN) user group meeting.

This is not a typical user group meeting where developers demo, talk about what they are working on... cool tools they are building… a place to show how smart they are.

Rails.MN is more of a learning lab and a great opportunity to pick up the Rails skill set.

Derek Rockwell (@DerekRockwell) is leading the group with tutorials, hands on learning. The current learning series is on Building OpenCamp (a project management tool).

A couple of pics from this evening:

Ruby on Rails Minnesota Ruby on Rails Minnes

30+ were in attendance with an abundant supply of pizza, caffeine and bear. Lots of ideas were shared and folks helping each other out.

From the Rails.MN site:

A group built to help those learning Ruby on Rails build new businesses, cool prototypes, side projects, and more.

Events include:

  • introductory classes on Rails
  • 'hack' sessions where you can partner 1:1 to get over sticking points
  • classes to help you learn 'the other stuff' (CoffeeScript, SASS, HTML5, Git, etc)

We encourage people of all skill levels in Rails to participate!

Best quote of the night came from this exchange:

DEV1 shows DEV2 a site.

DEV2 "Do you use this?"

DEV1 "I built it"

DEV2 has “oh, that’s cool” look on his face

CoCo Minneapolis hosts the meet up and it is sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. Click for more info on the group and meeting days/times.

Ruby Users Of Minnesota, Ruby on Rails

For those who are already a Ruby developer (past the novice stage although you are welcome to attend to) and want to learn more advanced practices check out the Ruby Users of Minnesota (@RubyMN) group (click the links).

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