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Conversation With A Hiring Manager… 8 Ways To Help With Recruiting

Following a LinkedIn presentation I gave at the I was approached by a very frustrated Director of HR who was having issues with her Hiring Managers.

“Having issues” was a polite way of saying train wreck. As in… they are a mess and actually getting in the way of hiring.

Over the past couple of months we picked up the conversation and I learned more about some of their “issues”.

It led to me sitting down with the Director of Marketing to help him understand why his managers were a barrier to hiring.

And I was surprised by two things:

- One, he really wanted to know how to help. He too knew it was an issue but did not know how to address it.

- Two, he knew it was an issue but did not know how bad it really was.

After giving him some specific examples of candidate experiences we came up with what I thought were some simple things to do but to him were ground breaking.

Here we go...

- Hiring Managers should have a Social Media footprint so when candidates are Googling them before an interview (candidates do it like recruiters do) they find some useful info.

- Hiring Managers need to know what they are looking for in team members and be able to communicate it. No more “moving targets”. In the rare instance when they are not sure... they need to say that too.

- A spin off from the previous... is what the Hiring Manager looking for reasonable, can it be found? No more “purple squirrels”.

- Hiring Managers need to get back to their Recruiter/HR within 48 hours (I said 24) with feedback on the interview and what next steps are to be taken. Time kills deals.

- Hiring Managers must have their team prepped on who they are interviewing and have the right folks in the room.

- Hiring Managers should be posting their jobs on their own Social Media profiles. They have folks following them who are either in the industry. They or a friend may be looking for a new job.

- Pay attention in interviews, no distractions. No computer use, typing email, checking texts and no eating. Don’t be rude. You would not expect this from who you are interviewing.

- Remember that who is coming to interview with you made special arrangements to get there. They may have taken PTO (vacation or sick day), had to find alternative child care, rearranged their work week, paid for parking, skipped lunch/dinner, etc. DO NOT waste their time.

These are some very basic (and easy) ways Hiring Managers can help their Recruiter and HR team.


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