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Managing Your IT Career: MinneBar 8 Video

The video below (and deck below that) is from my MinneBar 8 presentation “Managing Your IT Career v5”.

What do I mean by v5? This was the 5th year of doing a career related presentation at this event.

I had a room that sat 40 but as you see in the beginning and as the talk went on folks were standing and sitting on the floor with around 70 taking in the session.

The video starts about 7 minutes into the session that started with this...

I asked, “So what do you want to know?”

And there was silence.

I said, “This is going to suck if you do not ask questions.”

This was the first question asked, “Why do recruiters suck so bad?”

To which the room broke in laughter so what you see is me deep in the weeds of answering the question and some follow up for about 8 minutes.

This was a very informal talk. Yes, “dude”, “sucks” and a couple of inappropriate words were used. More than I would like to have... but it happens sometimes.

And I was a little fired up that day.

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