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Minnesota IT Jobs Most In Demand By Title

Wanted Analytics used a recent report on cities seeing the most growth in IT jobs, Minneapolis was on the list, and did a little research to see which jobs were most in demand.

There are a few interesting points to note for Minneapolis (sorry St Paul friends, but you know you are included)…

- With Project Manager and Senior Project Manger both on the list we know this is good news for the IT community. This means we have a lot of work going on now and down the road. Good news for all in IT.

- Business Analyst and Senior Business Analyst same as above

- Software Engineer and Web Developer: I am mighty curious about what skill sets are listed with those jobs. it also leads me to believe that my Recruiter and HR friends could do a better job of listing the skill set needed… I wonder how many false positives candidates are seeing in searches. For example, a JavaScript developer is likely clicking on Web Developer and finding PHP jobs. That is a rant for a future blog post.

Here are the IT job titles by rank for Minneapolis, MN:

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Study: Best Paying Jobs For Two And Four Year Degrees

Over the next couple of months I am doing a number of presentations with high school seniors and college students who have not yet declared a major.

I am giving them a recruiter perspective on what the job market looks like today, a few years down the road and how they can best prepare themselves.

Two of the most frequently asked questions from the high school kids are, “What jobs pay the most?” and “Do I need to go to college… do I need a four year degree?”

I tell them (in my opinion) money is not everything and that they should be life long learners… those both tend to get “eyes rolling”.

I get where they are coming from… I was the same way at their age.

I do talk about finding something they can be passionate about and how the STEM fields are in high demand.

Do I think they need to further their education? Absolutely and always.

In doing some research I came across this 2013 study from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl (EMSI):

Best-Paying Jobs For Two-Year and Four-Year Degrees

From the press release:

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