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WTH??? 57% Of Employers Less Likely To Promote Those Who Swear In The Office

Awwwww (BLEEP)

CareerBuilder has come out with this survey Swearing at Work Can Harm Your Career Prospects and it looks like if I worked for a bunch of companies I would have to change my colorful use of the English language.

I don’t swear for the sake of wanting to sound like a sailor or truck driver but for emphasis… there are times and places where it adds impact to what is being said

But I never swear at someone… as in calling someone a name. That’s just wrong.

And yes, I am fully aware I need to cut down my use of cuss words.

Results from the survey:

51% of workers reported that they swear in the office

Of those:

95% said they do so in front of their co-workers

51% cuss in front of the boss

13% in front of senior leaders

7% with their clients

Is there a gender difference? A little and I thought the gap would be much wider:

54% men

47% women

Do we poorly represent ourselves?

81% believe that the use of curse words brings the employee’s professionalism into question

71% concerned with the lack of control

68% lack of maturity

54% said swearing at work makes an employee appear less intelligent

It goes both ways with employers:

25% admitted to swearing at their employees

28% of workers said they have sworn at other co-workers

Is there an age difference? Yes, and us “older” folks are the bigger problem:

18-24: 42% say they swear at work

25-34: 51%

35-44: 58%

45-54: 51%·

55 and over: 44%

Location matters:

Washington D.C. – 62 percent

Denver – 60%

Chicago – 58%

Los Angeles – 56%

Boston – 56%

Atlanta – 54%

Minneapolis – 50%

Phoenix – 47%

New York – 46%

Philadelphia – 44%

(BLEEP) yeah… way to go Minneapolis!!!

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