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WTH??? 57% Of Employers Less Likely To Promote Those Who Swear In The Office

Awwwww (BLEEP)

CareerBuilder has come out with this survey Swearing at Work Can Harm Your Career Prospects and it looks like if I worked for a bunch of companies I would have to change my colorful use of the English language.

I don’t swear for the sake of wanting to sound like a sailor or truck driver but for emphasis… there are times and places where it adds impact to what is being said

But I never swear at someone… as in calling someone a name. That’s just wrong.

And yes, I am fully aware I need to cut down my use of cuss words.

Results from the survey:

51% of workers reported that they swear in the office

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What You Shouldn’t Add To Your Executive Resume

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

In your attempt to create the perfect executive resume, you’ve probably run into a lot of information regarding what should be included, but oftentimes, what shouldn’t be included is just as critical. The last thing you want is for a key decision maker to think: “I would have called this candidate for an interview if only her resume weren’t so …” To prevent this statement from being made about your resume, it’s good to avoid adding information that’s not needed.

Objective Statement

Once upon a time, the objective statement was used to explain a candidate’s reasoning for applying for a position. Typically formatted in the following way, “Seeking executive sales position with XYZ Company to build client relations, achieve marketing growth objectives, and lead sales teams to success,” it was considered a good piece of information to place on a resume.

But over time, employers began to find objective statements redundant because they tell employers what they already know: you want a job. So now, objective statements are replaced with branding statements.

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4th Of July 2012 Minnesota Fireworks Shows



4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 

A little slow in posting this… what follows is the best list I can come up with for 2015 4th of July fireworks shows in Minnesota

Please confirm date, time and location.

If I am missing any please leave a comment below.

July 3rd

July 4th

Outstate Minnesota - 3rd and 4th

July 5th

July 11th

Maple Grove

July 12th



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