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"Change before you have to." - Jack Welch

The other day I had to start my day in a different building for my company. While I've visited this building many times, I never started my day there. As luck would have it, the building is the same subway stop as my previous job (some 3 years ago).

So I headed directly to the corner coffee guy and, believe it or not, he not only remembered me from 3 years ago, but also remembered how I liked my coffee! We chatted for awhile and it was as if time was turned back to 3 years.

I then realized that, although I had moved to a new job and my little world changed, everything that existed in my previous routine continued on as if in some parallel universe.

So, I'm sure you are wondering, what's the point?

Changing jobs is a big deal.

Your entire routine changes, new people, new responsibilities and new pressure to perform (maybe a new city or country).

So often we forget that the "change management" aspect of a new job. There are many reasons to change your job: new opportunity, more pay, job loss, etc. And, while everything changes, everything also stays the same.

Today's post is about managing the change.

  • Career Change - How to Change Careers - Okay, so you've made the decision and now you want to change jobs. But, maybe you've never done that before and have no clue where to start. And, like everything else in life, there are so many reasons for change (and everyone has a different path). This article, from About.com, has everything you need. From links on your career goals to links on how to be prepared to change jobs. This is definitely worth a look.
  • 10 tips for dealing with change in the workplace - Dealing with job change can be stressful. How you deal with it is often related to why the change occurred. Obviously self-imposed change is easier to deal with than forced change. This article, from TechRepublic.com, provides 10 tips for dealing with your change. Not all will apply to you but most will.
  • 10 Career Change Mistakes to Avoid - If you are making a career change, you want to avoid some of the common mistakes. Some mistakes are obvious, like changing careers because you hate your job. Others are not so obvious like changing careers based on the success of others.
  • When Is It Time to Change Careers - Lots of stuff about what to do and what not to do but what about knowing when your should change your career? When your heart is no longer in it? This article, from CareerJockey.org, covers what you need to consider to know if it is time to change jobs. Lots of good advice, like making a pros and cons list and considering external factors. This is definitely worth a read.
  • 6 Reasons to Make a Career Change - So why would you change your career? According to this article, posted on About.com, you will likely change your career several times during your working life. Not sure why? Maybe your industry has disappeared (like the people that used to make typewriters) or you just don't like what you do. Take a look a the 6 reasons highlighted in this article. While you are there, don't forget to look at the links to related articles. 

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