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10 Jobs That Lead To Weight Gain

I had no idea what to title this blog post… not something I would usually write about. But because I have been trying to find ways to get/keep my body moving throughout the day this is on my mind.

I used to be a skinny guy. When I graduated from college in 1995 I was a very slim 150 lbs. I was in school during the day, playing basketball in the afternoon and a bartender at night.

I was always in motion.

By 2000 I was tipping the scale around 165 lbs. 2005 I was at 175 lbs. And for a few days after a Thanksgiving and spending a few days with Mom in 2009 I was 185 lbs.

NOT the trend one wants to have.

With some really basic changes in diet like trying not to eat after 7 pm, standing and walking while I am on the phone (all day), taking stairs versus elevators and other really simple behavior changes I dropped back to 175 lbs real quick.

The past 18 months I have been much more active with some light jogging, bike riding and infrequent trips to the gym. While not losing any weight I am down 2.5 notches on the belt.

A good problem to have… I need to take my suits to a tailor so they fit a slightly smaller me.

Now I am looking for some pickup soccer games. I want to get back to 170 lbs.

Why am I talking about this?

Folks… you need to get off your ass.

I get being busy. stressed and all the other excuses we use.

Find a way. Do some push ups, sit ups and other basic exercises while watching TV.

Are you going to be chatting on the phone with a friend for an hour? Go for a walk while talking to them versus sitting on the couch.

OK… this is the first and likely last rant I ever give about weight gain.

Here is what caused this conversation in my head…

CareerBuilder released this survey Travel Agents, Attorneys/Judges and Physicians Among Occupations Most Likely to Report Weight Gain, Finds Annual CareerBuilder Survey

Here are the “Top 10”:

· Travel Agent

· Attorney/Judge

· Social Worker

· Teacher

· Artist/Designer/Architect

· Administrative Assistant

· Physician

· Protective Services (Police, Firefighter)

· Marketing/Public Relations Professional

· Information Technology Professional

Click the link above to find the causes and tips to staying fit.

Here are my points:

  • Move your ass

  • Make some basic changes in your diet

Hopefully you already stopped reading this and went for a walk. And if you are eating a donut right now… stop.

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