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My colleagues in search and consulting firms are some of the most competitive people I know.

We have to be and for most of us it is in our DNA, to some extent.

We are always trying to find competitive edges, how we can do a search or project better than someone else, we have to find the best people, can we save the client time, etc.

And I like lists.

They may not always be accurate and some are subjective but it gives me an idea of who is doing well.

Last week the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal released List Leaders: Twin Cities executive search firms with the 25 largest Twin Cities-area executive search firms ranked by revenue.

There are some curious things about the entries on the list:

  • Revenue divided by Placements = Average fee
    • Those are some amazing, way above industry average fees
  • Placements divided by Twin Cities recruiters
    • There are some very low and very high averages

So I wonder…

  • Are some of these groups adding in their consulting revenue too? I think a few have to be.

  • Are all of those placements really executive placements? I doubt it and particularly for the groups focusing on IT. They might be adding in their programmer, DBA and Help Desk searches too.

I don’t want to take anything away from the groups on the list. We are fortunate to have a lot of really good firms in Minneapolis and St Paul including the ones on the list.

But I do think some numbers are being fudged a bit.

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