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Client Or A Source: A Difficult Conversation

I have had a number of conversations these past weeks with companies in Minnesota about whether or not we are going to be partners in the recruiting of their IT staff.

There is a BIG elephant in the room that sometimes gets missed by who I meet with... IT unemployment in Minneapolis and St Paul is thought to be <2% that means you are either a client or a potential source of candidates.

Example: if a client of mine is looking for a Microsoft.NET and SQL Server developer I am going to use a variety of tools and tactics to source and recruit these folks.

Maybe a developer is someone I know and they contact me after hearing about the opening.

Maybe they get the RSS feed of this blog and see the job post.

Maybe they subscribe to the newsletter.

Maybe they follow me on Twitter and they respond to my Tweet.

Maybe a friend of a friend refers them to me

Maybe they find me on LinkedIn.

Too many maybes for me.

I am going to be aggressive in finding who my client needs and that includes recruiting IT pros away from their current company.

That’s what I do and I am fiercely loyal. Either you are on my team or, well... you get it.

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Jeff Winter

I am still a little surprised by how many companies do not make this connection and are offended at the thought of becoming a source when you help them connect the dots. It's simply one of the components of a supply and demand economy.


Client or a source? Client or a source? Two questions, only one answer!

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