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Barrier To Hiring... Sometimes Superman Is Not Good Enough

I don’t get it... I really don’t.

I received an email from a Senior Software Engineer I met at MinneBar who wanted to talk about how he really wanted to work at “Fill In The Blank” but was rejected because one “nice to have skill” was not quite good enough.

With Minnesota IT unemployment at less than 2% some companies are still being so specific about who/what they are looking for that they will pass on someone who is 90%+ of what they are looking for.

Memo to those folks: the market has changed, it is passing you by and you will be lucky if you ever find someone better than the Superman who is knocking on your door.

Thankfully I found this cartoon which says way more than I could in the long rant I had planned so I will stop here before I blow a gasket…

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Steve Levy

Leap tall buildings in a single bound" has been replaced by, "leap taller buildings"...

Think about hiring 7/10 and then see if 8, 9 and 10 are possible. Most of the time you realize that 10/10 is actually nice to have but not necessary.

Veronica Scrimshaw

Great post! We are hearing this from our members too ... seems there are a lot of clients who have not "gotten the memo" re: ACTUAL labor market.

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