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55% of Global Workers Are Considering A Career Change Because Of The Economy

This hit the wire and Internet today: Monster Worldwide Poll Reveals 55 Percent of Global Workers are Considering a Career Change in Response to Economic Climate

Before getting to the statistics I wonder:

- what percentage will actually do something about it?

- how many will actually find a better situation?

To the poll…

International results:

  • Yes, I am trying to switch my career: 55%

  • Maybe, if I can find a better career: 30%

  • No, my career is not impacted by economic troubles: 15%

The numbers were fairly consistent:

  • North American regions included US: 56%

  • Canada: 55%

  • Mexico: 51%

I do like these kinds of polls because over a period of time (ups, downs and trends) one can get a sense of what folks are thinking about.

That only 15% say their career is not impacted by economic troubles leaves me thinking there are a lot of worried people.

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