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This IT Job Post Sucks

I was having a conversation with a client about their job posts and after many months saying theirs sucked… they said “You are right.”

After asking them to repeat that last part (it was a minor victory) we took a tour of some different company web sites and job boards.

I found the following IT job post on Craig’s List:

IT Job Post Sucks 


Who thought this was good idea?

We found 5-7 really good ones and 1 that knocked our socks off. The cool part was that the “knocked our socks off” was from someone who attended a session I did on this topic a year ago.

Anyway… while this one is an extreme case of “suck” 98% of what we saw sucked. Just varying degrees.

Folks, take a look at what you are putting out there and ask yourself this simple question:

If after reading the post, would you apply?

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mspy review

No doubt… many job and internship postings– on mega job boards, corporate career pages, and niche sites – do suck.

Eric Putkonen @ MinnesotaTechJobs.com

Yep, typical job posts do not affect a potential candidate's DESIRE to apply.

This is important because there are hundreds of IT job openings. You do not want hundreds calling you (if you are good), so if you were in their place you would not apply to all of them. You would be selective. Why would they apply to your post?

I said much the same during a presentation at the Minnesota Recruiters Confereince...and Staffing Talk gave a nice summary here:

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