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What Makes Your Cover Letter Introduction Stand Out?

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Many job seekers fail to thoughtfully consider the importance of the cover letter introduction.  Oftentimes, it’s viewed as just another paragraph among many in the document.  But in reality, the cover letter introduction holds a lot of weight.  In fact, it can be the determining factor in whether a hiring manager will continue to read on through the remainder of the letter.  So what makes your cover letter stand out—not just among other paragraphs within the document but among other candidates’ cover letter intros?

The Unique Opening Sentence

It’s not uncommon for job seekers to utilize a blanket opening statement when writing their cover letter introductions.  Even in your own cover letter, you may be guilty of opening with something such as: “I am writing this cover letter to express my interest in your sales position with XYZ Company.”

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Five Quick Ways To Improve Your Resume

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

1. Replace your Objective with a Professional Summary

I’m not a fan of objectives on resumes.  As a hiring manager, I’ve eliminated candidates based on their objective much more often than I have considered them.  If the objective does not absolutely address the specific company and role you’re seeking, I’d remove it.  Replace it with a strong, exciting and compelling Professional Summary.  This is your opportunity to promote yourself in way that will generate interest for the reader and make them want to read further.

2. Choose the correct format, Chronological or Functional

Select the resume format that’s right for your specific background.  If you have a traditional work and education history, chances are a chronological format will work for you.  This is the most common format, and the type of resume that is most recognizable.  A functional resume will work well for someone who has frequent career changes, is returning to the work force after a long hiatus or has an unstable work history.

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