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Did You Get Paid For Leap Day?

I asked this question on Twitter and Facebook and had varying replies.

Of course hourly workers were getting paid for their work but what about salaried folks?

Here was my thought (and to make the math simple)... say you get paid $50,000 a year and there are (on average) 260 work days in a year. But in a Leap Year there are 261 work days.

$192.31 a day in a normal year and $191.57 in a leap year or $0.74 less per day.

Your per day pay would be a little less or in my mind, you worked free for the day.

Some replies said that because they get paid every two weeks they were getting paid for the day.

Still confused I sent a message to Jason DeRusha (@DeRushaJ) at WCCO TV who does a popular segment called Good Question.

Here is what he came up with:


Take this a step further… if salaried workers did not get paid for the day their employers had a heckuva a day. Maybe small companies do not see a windfall but what about companies on a scale of Google, Microsoft and 3M?

Or, I could have this all wrong.

Good news is I have 4 years to figure it out.

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