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3 Ways To Create A Recession-Proof Resume

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It’s no secret that a recession is one of the toughest times to find employment.  With millions of workers looking for positions, your competition is incredibly steep.  The good news is that job seeking during a recession doesn’t mean you can’t be hired.  It does mean, however, that you will need to work to secure a job.  A great way to increase your chances of being hired is by creating a recession-proof resume.

What is a Recession-Proof Resume?

A recession-proof resume is one that is able to get you hired under the toughest of economic conditions.  With dozens—and sometimes even hundreds—of job seekers vying for the same position, it’s pertinent that you find ways to make yourself stand out from the pack.

The recession-proof resume is able to accomplish this goal because it brings forward your strongest qualities as a professional in your field.  It helps ensure you’re able to find a quality job even when it seems no one is being hired, making it immune to the conditions of a recession.

3 Tips for Writing a Quality Recession-Proof Resume

So how can you create a resume that you believe will get you hired, even in the midst of a recession?  Here are three tips to help you as you write:

1. Think from the perspective of success: It’s easy for job seekers to simply jot down a general summary of their professional background, which doesn’t give employers a good indication of how you can make a difference for them.  So as you write, think about all of the successful moments of your career, then list very specific accomplishments that prove you can make the same progress with a new employer.

2. Focus on keywords and phrases: It’s important to always remember that most employers utilize resume scanning software that helps them determine almost immediately how closely your background matches their qualification requirements.  To give yourself a leg up on the competition, it’s important to utilize job-specific keywords and phrases found in the job posting that show you are indeed a good match for the position.

3. Prove you’re specialty driven: If you’re applying for position as a human resources manager, for instance, it’s important that you prove you’re well trained in human resources. Take time to list your duties in action-oriented phrases, mention at least one major accomplishment per position, and be sure to highlight special training or programs you’ve been involved with that make you more qualified than other candidates.

Finding employment during tough economic times is not a simple task because so many qualified candidates are submitting their resumes at the same time.  But don’t let the steep competition deter you.  Instead, step up your resume-writing creativity so that yours is so amazing that employers can’t help but choose you for the position.

Author: An exceptional resume authority, Jessica Hernandez and her team of credentialed writers partner with professional- and executive-level candidates to open doors to jobs at prestigious corporations, achieving over a 99% interview-winning success rate.

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