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Paul DeBettignies On TV Talking About Salary Increases, Klout And Vacations

A couple of times in the past month (and once in August) I have made a local TV appearance and while I was posting links on twitter and Facebook I just realized did not post them here…

--> Last week (Jan 25, ‘12) I was on FOX 9 News with Recruiter: Research to Negotiate Salary talking about how company executives are more willing to give salary increases this year:


Recruiter: Research to Negotiate Salary: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

--> On December 22, 2011 I was on WCCO TV (MSP CBS affiliate) with Sites Help You Manage Your Social Networking Imprint talking mostly about Klout and how some employers are using it to gauge “influence” of who they may be hiring.

The video is not embeddable at the moment but click on the link and you will see it.


--> On August 18, 2011  I was on FOX 9 News with HR Expert Explains Vacation Stigma in US talking about vacations which is ironic (as I mention) because I have not had a real vacation since... well, I don’t remember.


HR Expert Explains Vacation Stigma in US: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

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