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Minnesota Morning: MinneDemo And Minnesota Recruiter Jobs Edition

We had a whopping .5 inch of snow this morning and from the posts on Twitter and photos on Facebook you would have thought we had a major snow storm. I was seeing commute times double the normal.

Has this very warm winter made us so soft we forgot how to drive?

Silly me. Of course it has.

Wait until next week… many of the forecast models are predicting a “significant weather event” in the Upper Midwest.

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MinneDemo Winter 2012

Tomorrow night a few hundred tech folk (and a few wannabe’s like me) will be getting together for MinneDemo (one part tech, one part beer and one part networking event) at the University of St Thomas.

How popular is this event? it “sold out” in one hour. That’s right… 500 attendees in one hour.

This time we have the following companies and coders showing off their work: CrashPlan Mobile, fitparel.com, Team Digest, Brahmageddon, Red Stamp, Wahooly, FitBolt, Migration+, LeagueSafe

Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

This is more of a me thinking out loud and frankly I am not sure it means anything yet as it is still early in the year…

I have seen very few corporate recruiting jobs being posted. This follows 2011 where many, most companies ramped up big time. So I wonder if they are taking a pause. Or maybe they have the recruiting staff they need.

I am seeing a surge on the search, consulting, staffing firm side of things which is a good sign that they expect their business to be strong again this year.


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In the hours leading up to a small snow fall last week the courtyard erupted in activity from the birds and squirrels. A few photos from the activity:

Minnesota Birds Minnesota Birds Minnesota Fat Squirrel Minnesota Cardinal

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