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Minnesota Morning: Code 42 And SOPA Edition

This is a short version of Minnesota Morning today with many conversations with companies finding it difficult to recruit and hire IT folks. Worse, a few bordering on many are finding it difficult to retain the staff they have.

All I can do is remind them of what I said March of 2010 when the IT jobs market came off the bottom... I told you so. I told them this was coming and very few planned for it.

No, I am not complaining... this is good for me.

No links today but a few short topics:

Code42 receives funding

Great news broke in the Minnesota IT community the past 14 hours that Code 42 (creator of CrashPlan) has received $52.5M in venture funding from Accel Partners and Split Rock Partners.

I have been a huge fan of the company and their CEO Matthew Dornquast who has been firm in his commitment to build his company and stay in Minneapolis. More than that they are a huge supporter of the local tech community.

I am looking forward to seeing them tonight at MinneDemo.

Here are some links for more Code 42 info:

Articles covering the funding announcement:


For the few of you who are wondering what this hoopla is about today and why some web sites “have gone black” for the day here are a few reasonable explanations without the hype:

I think we all can agree that this piracy thing needs to be fixed but this legislation is one big pile of (Bleep).

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