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Buzzwords That Should Not Be On LinkedIn Profiles Should Not Be In Job Descriptions

Today’s “link of the day” in the Recruiter and HR world (and on some major web sites) is this one from LinkedIn, Buzzwords 2011: Who’s been ‘creative’ and ‘effective’ this year?

The list is the “Top 10 overused buzzwords in LinkedIn Profiles in the United States”:

  • Creative

  • Organizational

  • Effective

  • Extensive Experience

  • Track Record

  • Motivated
  • Innovative

  • Problem Solving

  • Communication Skills

  • Dynamic

I don’t disagree with the list but the same words could likely be used in a list for:

“Top 10 overused buzzwords in job descriptions in the United States”

So before we give job seekers any crap for not being “creative” in their vocabulary use how about we look at ourselves and see how well poorly we are doing in creating job descriptions and ads.

After all, most job seekers are just talking to us in the language we are using.

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