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We Don’t Need More Jobs... We Need More Skilled Workers

I hope this title does not offend anyone. Here is what I am trying to say... companies across our country have jobs that are not being filled and we have workers looking for jobs.

The skills of those looking do not match the skills of the open jobs.

I am not laying blame on anyone for this because frankly everyone is at fault.

So should we create jobs to match the skills or... should we train to fill the jobs?

Clearly you can see that I lean towards the latter.

What happened to internships?

What happened to apprenticeships?

What happened to on the job training?

My opinion: we do not need a jobs program we need a training program.

So instead of sitting idle, instead of just watching this happen why do we not do something about it?

Sure it will “cost” a boat load of cash. But we are already spending a boat load of cash on “jobs” and other programs and getting little or no result from it.

Why not train for the jobs so we have less people receiving unemployment and other services and now being employed these folks are paying taxes and money goes back into the system rather than out?

For about a month I have been thinking about a blog post or two about this but found a resource who says it better than I ever could.

Matthew Bishop wrote this article in The Economist “The great mismatch” and about ¼ of the way down are a series of articles in this report. Be sure to check them out:

Matthew Bishop was on Morning Joe this morning and gets more into this:

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