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Never, Ever Flush During A Phone Interview


Yeah I know, not exactly a topic I ever planned on writing about. Here is the back story...

Today on the HireFriday Twitter chat (#hfchat) my friend Steve Levy (@levyrecruits) tweeted:

never, ever flush during a phone inteview

With the amount of phone screens I do this happens to me 1-2 times a month (I am not flushing, I get flushed on).

UPDATED: it could be this happens to me more frequent as I tend to have a higher than average number of calls in the early morning, when folks are just getting home or late at night.

I know what you are thinking… who the hell does that?

Usually it is:

  • the highly distracted

  • those trying to multi-task

  • those who forget to hit mute

  • those who have no damn common sense

The last time was a couple of weeks ago. A lady meant to hit “mute” on her phone. I was giving her the pitch about my client so she thought she could answer natures call while I was flapping my jaw.

Fair enough, I get long winded or as I call it “over communicate”.

The thing is instead of hitting “mute” she hit “speak phone”.

I have no clue what she had going on but what I heard did not sound “normal” to me.

I kept talking, no need to let her know that I know more about her than I need (ever wanted) to.

After flushing and putting herself together she looked down on her phone to hit “mute” and realized the speaker phone was on.

In a very soft voice I hear her say, “Oh, crap”. (enter whatever you are thinking here)

That I know she realized it was good enough. I continued to play along as if nothing ever happened.

Moral to the story:

Never, ever “take care of business” when taking care of business.


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