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Minnesota Recruiters Conference #14 Agenda

Yes, I know I am posting this 6 days after the event but in wanting to keep a historical record and doing it now anyway…

Below is the agenda for to be held June 10th, 2011 at General Mills corporate HQ’s.

The goal of this event is to do a few "how to's" but mostly to start conversations, create ideas and find new ways to do what we do. Your questions, comments and interaction will be what makes this event a success.

Thank you to Rebecca Warren, Angie Stein and the team at General Mills for hosting us.

Who should attend this event:

Corporate Recruiters

HR VPs/Directors/Managers

Staffing Specialists/Managers

HR Recruiters

Workforce Planning Professionals


Search Firm Professionals


There is a $25 non refundable registration fee for each Minnesota Recruiters events.


Will be served from 7:15 am - 8:00 am with snacks and beverages all morning.

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- Welcome & Introductions

- Opening Session (everyone) 45 minutes

Stop Name Calling – How Candidate Labeling Can Cost You A Great Hire

Nathan Gildow: Sr. Strategy Consultant at

An industry insider’s take on how candidate labels have become a potential obstacle in identifying quality applicants. Nathan will outline several misconceptions regarding “active” and “passive” seekers that have become commonplace in the industry, and an overview of data that suggests we should challenge our way of thinking about candidate quality.

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- 10 minute break

- Track 1 (4 sessions at the same time) 40 minutes

Corporate Recruiter Roundtable

Kevin Gunn: Director, Talent Acquisition & Leadership Development at ev3

Open forum discussing best practices and trending topics within Talent Acquisition. Great opportunity to engage and network with your peers on a variety of topics.

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Assessments – Why or Why Not?

Rebecca Warren: Recruiting Manager at General Mills

This will be an open discussion. Some possible topics: Do you think companies should use assessments; does your company use them and how; has your company made the choice not to use them and do you agree; what are the pros and cons – come and join the conversation!

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Tactful Self-Promotion: Getting the Recognition You Deserve

Richard Dodson: Vice President & Consultant at Lee Hecht Harrison

Most people feel awkward or obnoxious when they try to promote themselves. This doesn't have to be the case. This session offers strategies for tooting your own horn without being seen as a blowhard. Topics include crafting a compelling value proposition, everyday habits to elevate reputation and visibility, and leveraging social media. You've seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to self promotion--this is a chance to participate in a vital discussion about best practices for advancing your interests while keeping your self-respect intact.

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Social Media Customers (Candidates) - what to do with them? Hiring Managers - how to delight them!

Stacy Van Meter: Innovation Instigator at Deluxe Corp

Let's talk about two things: Now that we have laid a social media framework for communicating with our candidates (customers) what happens when they tweet, facebook, comment or engage with us online - how do we respond here at Deluxe and how much time does it take (yeah - I suppose we could talk about any rules or processes we have around this too). I would also like to spend some time discussing how we as recruiters can become a absolutely indispensible to our hiring managers - come with your top tips and suggestions!

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- 30 minute break

- Track 2 (4 sessions at the same time) 40 minutes

Corporate Recruiting Structures: Industry Trends and the future of Corporate Recruiting

Luke Doubler: Sourcing Specialist at Cargill

Luke will explore how Internal corporate recruiting functions are going through a transformation unlike anything seem before. Luke will give an insider’s view of current corporate recruiting structures and industry trends. He’ll define why the ‘traditional’ corporate recruiter is becoming obsolete in this plugged-in society.


Recruiting Strategy: Let’s develop a plan

Ryan Stene: Major Account Manager at Monster Worldwide

6 steps to advance your strategy. A presentation and conversation.

LinkedIn | Twitter - Ryan | MN Talent Advisory Board

Technical Interviewing Techniques For The Non-Techy

Joe Perzel: Partner at JPerzel & Assoc., a Division of Harbinger Partners


Who Owns Social Media?

Teresa Thompson: Shareholder at Fredrikson & Byron

This discussion will address questions relating to "who owns" content, contacts, and websites when organizations encourage or simply permit employees to use social media for recruiting purposes. For example, how can policies, practices, and Agreements (non-competes, NDA's) impact ownership? What has happened to the definition of "non-solicitation" with the use of social media? Has it changed? How has the public availability of contact information (LinkedIn, Twitter, ZoomInfo, etc) impacted the ability to claim customer lists are confidential? How should a recruiting manager or firm owner address linking to vendors, customers, and competitors in a competitive environment? Attendees are encouraged to submit questions or issues in advance!

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- 10 minute break

- Closing Session (everyone) 45 minutes

Tying Talent Acquisition to Business Strategy: A Case Study in High Volume Recruitment and Talent Management

Nicole Scheidt: Director of Talent Acquisition at Life Time Fitness

Katie Johnson: Senior Recruiter at Life Time Fitness

Nicole and Katie will address how to bridge the gap between talent acquisition and operational strategy. Through the introduction of a case study, they will discuss how the execution of a proactive, high volume national talent acquisition and talent management strategy has changed the landscape of a large business unit within Life Time.

LinkedIn - Nicole | Life Time Fitness Careers

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