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Follow The Program And TheLadders “Guarantees” You A $100K Job Offer

Today The Ladders announced Signature their new job coach program that for $2,500 guarantees you a $100,000 job offer in six months or your money back.

There are some requirements on the job seeker so check out Signature Terms and Conditions.

is this worth checking out?

Yeah, I suppose it is. They say during their trial period they have had a 90% success rate.

Here is why I am a bit skeptical…

Marc Cenedella, The Ladders CEO, was on CNBC this morning announcing the program with the video below.

He says they guarantee an offer within six months.

Is the guarantee an offer or a job? There is a huge difference between the two. I have seen it said both ways.

He also says about the program, “it is appropriate for those making over one hundred grand” and when pressed about a person making $85K he says if you are on the cusp of the next job making 100K that the program is appropriate for you.

So which is it?

This is what bothers me about TheLadders. They flirt with this six figures number all the time yet we know not all of their candidates in the database make $100,000 and we know not all the jobs have salaries of $100,000.

If it were me I would wait until a number of people have tried this out and not just the “highly selected population of seekers” that they used for the pilot program.

Here are a couple of articles on today’s announcement with the CNBC video below:

Fast Company –> Not A Scam: Get A Six-Figure Job In 6 Months, Guaranteed--Just $2,500!

ERE (Recruiter & HR industry site) –> Pay $2,500. Follow the Program. And Get a $100K Job. Guaranteed

Press Release (TheLadders) –> TheLadders.com Launches 'Signature' Program 



Growing Lights

Talked to a Recruiter today and I mentioned the Ladders. She said when you enter that Salary range never ever subscribe to them or any service like it and that they are all scams.

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