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Why Banning Social Media At Work Is Silly

These are just some quick observations and not meant to be any sort of thought piece…

Why do companies limit access to Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Some response I frequently see:

- Afraid of what employees will say, give out secrets

    • Can’t they do that when they get home?
    • If this truly is a fear, how did they make it through the interview and screening process. Why were they hired?

- Worried about time spent on the sites

    • OK, so I assume that their employees are only working a 40 hour week and weekends are completely free from work. If not, being able to send quick messages to family and friends seems reasonable.


This just in… most cell phones can access these sites.

Yeah I know that is not “Breaking News” but apparently those making company policies are not aware of this.

So rather than being able to monitor time employees are spending “screwing around” companies now force their employees to use their cell phones. And now can do so without worry of being caught.

Moral to the story is if you cannot trust what your employees will say or how much time they will spend on Facebook & Twitter (any other site) then you should never have hired them in the first place.

Banning access does not fix the problem but forces “work arounds” that may be even more risky.


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