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Recruiters: Stop Spamming LinkedIn Groups

For the love of (whoever or whatever you believe in) please make it stop!!!

Memo to LinkedIn Group Managers:

You could help with this. Email the offenders and explain to them that their relentless posting will not be tolerated.

Or… risk losing people from your group who opt out of the whole thing.

Hey you Recruiter person, yeah you… your every day job posting on LinkedIn groups is annoying.

It’s called Spam.

How is it working for you? Are you getting the folks you need?

Or are you annoying people?

Have you even thought about this? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Instead of just ranting at you allow me to give you a few tips:

- You do not need to post each job.

  • How about one post that says 4 new jobs have been posted

- You do not need to post every day

  • How about Mondays and Thursdays

  • Better yet, are you using your web site analytics to know which days get better replies

- Are you doing anything to attract folks once they do click

  • Please tell me you have a newsletter or RSS Feed so for those who do click (who are not yet annoyed) you can reach them directly

- Is your LinkedIn account legit

  • This is actually your account, right and not some fictitious one you made it up in case too many Spam reports get you booted

  • Oh, and Paul D is not a legit account name.

- Do you have a photo of you on your profile or is it your company logo or no avatar at all?

  • Dude, get a photo

- Try posting something else besides your jobs

  • You’re a Recruiter, right? That means you should be well informed on your industry and trends so how about contributing content like:
    • Salary info
    • Job trends
    • Events
    • Or any of a hundred other topics that might help someone

Oh yeah, I know what you are thinking… but Paul you post links to online sessions and your own blog posts.

Yes, yes I do. And I also post stuff that will help folks.

LinkedIn is a “community” that I participate in not extract from.

You my Recruiter friend are acting like a sleazy person at a networking event who interrupts every conversation to introduce yourself, handing out your business card and then bolting for the door.

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gregg dourgarian

good post Paul...I think I'm ready to use a recruiter if there is one out there that doesn't use social networks and only works off of his/her personal trust.

steve jewell

Paul- I can almost see you in your "green man" skin as you wrote this. Way too much broadcasting of jobs and way too little engagement = failure & SPAM.

Well spoken my... "recruiter friend"!

Pete Radloff

Bravo Paul. Agreed on all points. The Jobs tool provides a much needed service to the members, but should not be abused. Some of the responsibility falls on the manager of the group who can accept/deny or kick people out.

PS - What if Pauly D from the Jersey Shore has a LinkedIn account. Is the profile name valid then? :)


I prefer that recruiters post every different job (if they have 4 openings that are exactly the same, that's one job). However, they should only post each job once (I've seen some post the same job multiple times within a week) and, most importantly, they should include all relevant info - I've seen way too many job postings that were pretty much nothing more than job title (no experience requirements, no location, no comment on telecommuting, no info on perks/benefits, and sometimes not even if it is perm or contract).

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