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Paul DeBettignies KARE 11 TV Interview On Job Search

I was interviewed by Jordana Green (Twitter & LinkedIn) on KARE 11 Today about job search, economy and hiring trends in part as a promo for her story that aired later that night. She tracked the job search of an unemployed accountant, see the video below.

With the economy slowly getting better and in some cases already a shortage of people in some skill sets many folks have forgotten about the unemployed people in our communities.

I hope that KARE (or any TV station) continues to follow these types of stories as the impact from the recession will continue for quite some time.

While our live portion was pretty quick we then hosted a live chat on their Facebook page which you can see by clicking:

For about 90 minutes we answered questions both on the chat screen and on the air.

I learned something about myself… I cannot speak and type at the same time. Dang, that was hard to do so I decided to do one or the other but not both.

Here are a few photos from the day:

11-5-16 KARE 11 11-5-16 KARE 11 Today - Paul DeBettignies & Jordana Green 11-5-16 KARE 11 Today Diana Pierce Live 11-5-16 KARE 11 - Paul DeBettignies a future anchor?


Video from Jordana’s story:



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