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Minnesota Recruiters Hiring And Jobs Survey | Spring 2011


What follows below are the results from our 4th Minnesota Recruiters hiring and jobs survey.

Let me get the disclaimers and details out of the way out of the way:

- This is not a scientific survey but it does give a good read on what is going on

- This is a blind survey and no one (me included) gets to know who participated or what their answers were

- The survey was open from April 1st to 20th

- We had fewer replies than previous surveys and I believe most of that is due to me not sending as many reminders about it.

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6 Tips To Improve Your Cover Letters

There are a bunch of tools you need for your job search (Job Search Marketing Toolkit), one of which is the Cover Letter.

If you don't know what this is take a look at the link listed below. Your cover letter is most likely the first correspondence a potential employer will see, so it pays to take the time to get them write. No, I did not make a mistake when I wrote "them".

You should have several cover letters, each tailored to specific jobs or audience (see the links below as well). On to the tips.

1. Why One Cover Letter is Not Enough - You will be sending cover letters to potential employers at companies where you would like to work (no specific job application), recruiters, blind intro letters, you get the picture.

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