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I was asked to do a presentation for the and talk to my colleagues about the use of Social Media in recruiting and if it helps or hurt us:

Here is the description of the event:

It used to be staffing companies and recruiting firms were the only ones with all the information, the "Golden Rolodex" of candidates and companies.  Now our clients and candidates have access to much of the same information.  Social media sites are a great tool but some clients are hiring their own internal recruiters to mine these same sites for candidates. 

So what can we provide that they still need and how do we show our value?  What are companies doing and what could we be doing?  Finding people is easy, it is the information overload we all struggle with and how to best handle that.  Come hear about some simple techniques that you can implement when you get back to the office.

There is a lot of fear angst in the search and staffing industry about the tools our clients may be using to better source and recruit the candidate pool.

This is similar to previous shifts in technology like the Internet in general, company career pages, email, job boards, etc.

Remember a decade ago when Monster.com was going to kill the search firm industry?

While no doubt it had an impact even now so many years later here we stand and in many cases we use the job boards better than our corporate colleagues do.

I say that because of this… I know a large number of super talented corporate recruiters. They adapt to technology quick and some have access to resources I would give an organ for.

But I have something that may be a greater treasure and resource than they do –> Time.

I do not have meetings about the meeting about the idea that was on the agenda each of the last meetings.

I can move faster.

I have more phone time during the day than they do.

I have more time to attend events, meet candidates and create relationships not only for today but next week and next year.

And we need to understand that while some of our clients have access to the cool tech gadgets and in some cases adequate staff to be doing the job most do not.

I am still shocked at the number of companies without an applicant tracking system.

I laugh out loud (not as in "lol" but as in out loud) at the number who cannot access LinkedIn at work. Or if they do it is on their personal smart phone.

Anyway, our conversation was not so much about Friend or Foe (because as you will see I think it can be yes to both) but how can we best utilize them including examples of what I am doing.

Here is the slide deck from the presentation:

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