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Minnesota Recruiters Conference #13 | Invite

What follows is the invite that was sent to the group leading up to Minnesota Recruiters Conference #13

Minnesota Recruiters

Friends and Colleagues,

Below is the agenda for Minnesota Recruiters Conference #13.

Thank you to Jeremy Phillips, Joshua Kahn and the team at Best Buy for hosting us.


April 15, 2010


Best Buy Corporate HQ’s

Who should attend this event:

Corporate Recruiters

HR VPs/Directors/Managers

Staffing Specialists/Managers

HR Recruiters

Workforce Planning Professionals


Search Firm Professionals


There is a $25 non refundable registration fee for each Minnesota Recruiters events.


Will be served from 7:15 am - 8:00 am with snacks and beverages all morning.

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Session I

Do The Things You Love And Love The Things You Do

Amy Langer, Co-Founder of Salo, Oberon and NumberWorks

Amy Langer, Co-Founder of Salo, Oberon and NumberWorks will remark on connecting people and evolving business. The Salo story captures the entrepreneurial spirit by creating a award winning culture and developing three business through the rise and fall of the economy. The recruiting process and role is very relevant to every company coming out of the downturn. Strong recruiting talent can be pivotal for organizations as they position themselves for growth. Innovation in finding the right talent and providing exceptional client service is key. Be prepared to be inspired and think about your contribution to your organization is a slight different way.

Connect: Salo, Oberon. NumberWorks amylanger@salollc.com


Session II

Driving Social Through The Organization: Moving From Doing Social To Being Social

Jim Durbin, Managing Principal of Social Media Talent

Recruiters are naturally social rockstars. The social principles that have altered markets and knowledge hierarchies in the last four years were pioneered in the business world by recruiters looking to connect with candidates using new technologies. More needs to be done. The next wave in social is the building of experience across all company touchpoints, and recruiters can lead the way as centers of excellence inside companies large and small.

Jim Durbin, the Social Media Headhunter, tells the story of how social business will alter the way we look at talent acquisition, and how recruiters can use their hard-won talents to gain influence in the new social corporation.

Connect: Facebook.com/smheadhunter - @smheadhunter - Social Media Headhunter


Session III

Linkedin Search And Profile Optimization For Recruiters

Craig Fisher, VP of Sales for Ajax Social Media and Managing Principal of Social Media Talent

Linkedin in changing the way you can search for and view profiles. Not only is it more difficult for you to search for candidates, it is also more difficult for candidates to find you.

Craig will show you how to navigate the recent Linkedin changes for the best search results, and ensure your profile is ultimately searchable and findable by both job candidates and customers.

Topics include:

  • Tell a credible story to connect and convert with the right targets.
  • Grow your personal brand in recruiting or sales, while positively impacting your company's digital footprint.
  • Learn powerful SEO techniques.
  • Get better search results.

In early 2009, Craig founded the original hashtag chat for recruiters on Twitter, TalentNet Live (#TNL, @talentnet). And he hosts the TalentNet Live Social Recruiting conferences in Texas.

Connect: Fish Dogs @Fishdogs

Thank you to our host:

Best Buy

Thank you to our 2011 Sponsors:




HireCast Consulting


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