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Survey: Minneapolis #4 & St. Paul #29 America's Most Socially Networked City

Never one to be shy in promoting the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul (and seems like there have been a lot of surveys lately) this one warms my social media heart.

Men’s Health came up with Men's Health finds the most socially networked cities in America and has Minneapolis #4 with an A+ and St Paul #29 with a B-.

Here is the Top 10:

1 Washington, DC     A+
2 Atlanta, GA     A+
3 Denver, CO     A+
4 Minneapolis, MN     A+
5 Seattle, WA     A+
6 San Francisco, CA     A
7 Orlando, FL     A
8 Austin, TX     A
9 Boston, MA     A
10 Salt Lake City, UT     A-

I wonder if Minneapolis is ranked higher and St Paul lower because many of the folks across the river use Minneapolis as their location in their profiles.

I also wonder if they combined the Twin Cities if we would be #1.

But that’s just me being competitive.


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