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Paul DeBettignies Article In The Fordyce Letter

I was excited to get an invitation to write an article for the February 2011 Fordyce Letter.

For those of you not in the search firm industry this is the go to source for information and to be asked is a pretty cool thing. It is a follow up to my presentation at The Fordyce Forum 2010.

After tossing around some subjects I came up with this article:

Get Out From Behind the Desk and Network

I started the article with this:

I know, I know… smile and dial.

More phone calls equal more job orders, candidates and send outs. More send outs equal more placements.

I get it  - I really do. But after thirteen years as a sole practitioner, I have learned that I need to get out from behind the desk every now and then, or I fear that the headset will become permanently fixed to my head.

There is a bit of a shift going on in the search firm industry from the “old school” be on the phone all day folks to those of us who are grabbing new technology and running with it.

As usual, the best place to be is somewhere in the middle.

No doubt the telephone BlackBerry and VoIP is the main tool in my recruiting practice but we are in the ultimate people business so it makes sense to me to take these phone conversations and online friendships and meet people when I can.

Besides… even with really short hair I still get that headset hair look :)

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