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Unemployed Need Not Apply: Is It Legal?

My usual disclaimer: I am not an attorney and I do not play one online.

Back in June of 2010 a search firm representing a client posted a job on a job board saying


I wrote this blog post about it including a screen shot of the ad

Here is an image of part of a Craig’s List ad from a few weeks ago:

Must Be Currently Employed

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Keywords: The Good, The Bad, And The Overused

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

One of today's major buzzwords is "keywords" and even though the English language contains thousands of usable keywords, many are getting used way more than they should in resumes. The secret to keywords is to be as specific as possible, using words that set you apart from the competition rather than put you in a class with them.

Here are some of those keywords I would classify as good, bad, and overused.

Good: These keywords communicate power and uniqueness of a candidate.

1. Bilingual/Multilingual

2. Black Belt Six Sigma (or other program credential)

3. C++ Expertise (or other software expertise)

4. PMP – Project Management Professional (or other professional certification)

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Job Search Seminar: Be Your Own Headhunter

I received a lot of very positive feedback after bringing back the job search, LinkedIn and networking seminar so I am going to keep going with them.

Rather than do a session specific to job search and then general sessions on LinkedIn and social media I am doing one only focused on the job search.

Over 13 years as a search firm recruiter I have had a unique look at this process from the corporate recruiter and HR side and from the job seekers.

This is a more aggressive version of what I have been doing for 8+ years and I am going to show how I would do a job search in this economy.

2.5 hours seems like a long time but I am going to cover a lot of topics including:

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10+ Tools For An Effective Job Search

Repeat after me:

“There is no silver bullet to finding a job”

During a recent Q&A for a local user group I was asked what would be the best tool for her to find a job.

And I froze for what was an awkward moment or two and then this exchange:

Me: “Can you build a house with just a hammer?”

Her: “No, that is just silly.”

Me: “You need a bunch of tools, right?”

Her: “Yes, and sometimes you need different kinds of the same tool, like a hammer.”

Me: “Same goes with your job search.”

I get a bit uptight when I see articles written about how LinkedIn is “the” place to find a job or how social media is a “game changer”.

Enough with the hype.

Think of the list that follows as your hammer, screwdriver, hard hat, pencil, level, etc. You need all these tools (some more often than others) to build a house.

What follows is a tools list I use in my Be Your Own Headhunter job search sessions:

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If Pigs Could Fly

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research." Albert Einstein

The megamillions jackpot was over 100 million dollars a few weeks ago. Of course I bought my ticket and immediately started thinking about all of the things I would do with the money (including retiring or starting my own business).

And it's a great thought. It keep you going until the drawing because, until they pick someone else, you still have a shot at it.

Having a job opportunity or two in the works is much the same. Whether it was a head hunter who called you, a series of interviews or some other lead, as long as the opportunity is still open you are in the running.

And although finding a job should be a lot easier than winning the megamillions jackpot, it sometimes feels like the odds for finding a job are just as bad.

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