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One of the lessons learned from the Great Recession is that many companies figured out how to maintain productivity with less people.

Some of this comes from advances in technology, some of it from learning that they had over hired and some from workers willing to work longer hours and in return having some job security.

But lets talk robots.

Can (will) a robot do your job?

Example, at the grocery store the other day I notice that the number of self checkouts increased.

Sure jobs were created to build the systems but surely the number has to be less than the hundreds and thousands of cashiers who are not going to be needed.

Same thing with robots doing tasks. No doubt really great high paying jobs will be created but a company of 500 could create robots and tools that will take the place of 1,000’s.

The lesson to be learned here is we all need to be doing continuing education and advancing our skill sets.

We need to evolve with the times or way me be left behind.

Check out this video from CNBC:


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