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All That Glitters Is Not Gold - How Much Are You Worth?

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In the main it will be found that a power over a man's support (salary) is a power over his will” - Alexander Hamilton

Are you underpaid?

Do you think you are paid what you are worth, given your experience and compared to others you work with?

If you are like most of us, the answer is probably that you think you are underpaid. Taking that to the next level (and being realistic), how much do you really think you're worth?

We all get our raises, bonuses and promotions from time to time, but the best opportunity to increase your compensation is when you are moving from one company to the next.

Even then, there is a limit as to what a new company will pay you above and beyond what you currently earn.

But when that big day comes, and you get that job offer, how do you know they are offering you what you are worth?

  • Salaryexpert.com - This site offers number of tools, including a salary calculator. You need to enter a few screens of data, but at the end it provides a free calculation of salary for you job and location. There is also a "search for jobs by salary" on the home screen. There are tabs at the top of the page for other calculators, job research, job search and more.
  • Salary.com – Stands to reason that this is a good place to start. This site has two views, one for employers and one for personal use. You can register on the site or just use there tools without registering. Clicking on Personal Salary Wizard leads to a page where you enter your title and zip code (left center page - Free Salary Wizard). Entering your information will return a basic report. There is a charge if you want a personalized report. There are additional tools below this for Job Search, Education and Cost of Living. Additionally, there are a number of other related tools under the Tools menu.
  • How Much Are You Worth? - This article, posted on About.com and written by Alison Doyle, provides great information on how to research your salary and review salary surveys (with related embedded links). Following the article, there are a number of additional links to great resources, such as: Salary Negotiation, Salary Information, Salary Requirements and so much more.
While salary isn't everything, it is important. But other parts of a job offer can be just as important. You can also negotiate your job offer, including such things as vacation and title.
  • Evaluating Job Offers & Negotiating Salary - This article, from jobweb.org, targets students, but all of the factors in considering any offer highlighted in the article are just as important for experienced workers as for students. At the bottom of the article are additional items to consider (such as the industry, location, organization, etc.).
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers - Everything from How to Evaluate a Job Offer to Employment Contracts is covered in this article from Rileyguide.com. Each section has a number of related links with a brief synopsis of the topic. Other topics include Declining a Job Offer, Submitting your Resignation, Considering a Counter Offer and Negotiating. While you are on the site, check out some of the great links on the left hand side of the page.

Good luck in your search.

Author: CareerAlley
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