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Wisconsin Is Open For Business

Caution: you are about see my competitive side come out much like my friends see when the Gophers play the Badgers in any sport…

On a number of border crossings with Minnesota and Illinois as one enters the “great” state of Wisconsin they will not only see “Wisconsin Welcomes You” but also “Open For Business”.

Well I am sure glad they cleared that up. I thought all they had was cheese curds, beer and football. Apparently they have something else to sell.

I get a bit snarky when it comes to our neighbors from the east. All I hear is how it is “God’s Country” and how great it is there. Funny, I hear that from people who live in Minnesota.

Yeah, ironic right?

Previous marketing for the State of Wisconsin was focused on tourism with “Escape to Wisconsin”.

The license plate says “America’s Dairyland”.

Which probably gets us to why new Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making this push.

With Illinois raising taxes significantly and many suggesting Minnesota could be doing more for the business community this is good timing for the cheese heads.

Disclaimer: Wisconsin is a beautiful state and I have much respect for the University of Wisconsin, it is a great school.

Back to being snarky…

My guess is they have a long way to go in marketing the state for business but I do applaud them for getting in the game.

Here is a story from KARE11.com:


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Walker said the pro-business legislators that he and the GOP-controlled state of Wisconsin plan to implement will help to convince companies in Illinois and Minnesota to move to Wisconsin.

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