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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." – Aristotle

Few fields impact as many people as Education. We all remember our first day of school, our High School Prom and our College days and, for some of us, getting sent to the Principal's Office. Tough times have impacted the Education workforce just as it has most other industries. That being said, there are many opportunities out there if you are flexible (and quick to apply). From Teachers to Professors to Principals, today's post focuses on resources, advice and who's hiring.

Where to Look:

  • School - Jobs - This is a job search board that focuses on (as you might have guessed) education related jobs. The main page has a simple interface, leading with their search page. You can enter your area of expertise, location and desired salary for your search. The right hand side of the page has additional links for your resume. Click on the job of your choice for a full page description and contact information. There were 377 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • - Another job search site for teachers, you can register or just go right into the simple search (What and Where). At the bottom of the page are additional links for Teaching Jobs by State, Education Jobs by State and top teaching jobs. Once you click on the State option, a page with states are listed as well as an interactive map.
Recruiters for Education:
  • Directory-of-Recruiters - This listing of recruiters who specialize in education is posted on There is a brief overview of each recruiter and each has a link to that recruiter's website. At the top of the page are additional recruiter links for Higher Education, Medical Education and eLearning. The right hand side of the page has additional links for related resources.
  • Executive Search Firms and Job Recruiters - This resource, which is provided by, lists a number of recruiters down the center of the page with overviews and embedded links. But that is not all. On the left hand side of the page is a listing of popular careers, one of which is Education. Additionally, there are links at the top of the page for assorted career related topics.
Resume Samples:
  • Teaching - Teacher Resume Examples - A listing of resume samples for teachers (with various categories) is provided by You can check for additional resume samples by entering your category in the "search" field at the bottom of the page. Additionally, there are related links for writing resumes and cover letters. Last, but not least, there are quite a few career related links at the top of the page and right hand side of the page.

Good luck in your search.

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