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While I'm On Vacation

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"No vacation goes unpunished." - Karl Hakkarainen

I remember my first job as an analyst on Wall Street. I shared an office with another analyst on one of the Trading floors and there was always lots of yelling, selling and cursing during trading hours.

Anyway, I remember when my boss was going on vacation. He made this huge list of things for my office mate and I to do while he was gone. Of course, it was enough work to last for ten vacations and we were lucky enough to have a week to get it done. So while he was sitting on some beach sipping some exotic frozen drink, we were stuck in the office.

What became clear to me over my career is that you learn more from bad managers than you do from good managers.

So what's all this talk about vacation? Well, while I'm on vacation, you will be reading this and a few other posts. Hopefully they won't be as painful as my boss' vacation was for me. Bon Voyage!

  • Taking Your Job Search on Vacation - I just couldn't help myself when I saw the title of this article, which is published on About.com and written by Alison Doyle. Very short and to the point. Don't forget to click on the "job search travel tools" which is definitely worth a read.
  • Search for a New Job on Vacation - This article, from Monster.com, provides the pros and cons of looking for a job when you are on vacation. One obvious advantage is the fact that you will have lots of time on your hand (assuming that you are not on a beach). Certainly worth a read if you've not decided what to do on your vacation. There are related links at the bottom of the article.
Now while I'm on vacation . . .
  • Jobsonline – If this is your first visit, you will need to create an account to do a search (the site’s creators are currently working to move some functionality outside of the login process). If you do a job search it will ask you to register or can also use this link ==>> REGISTER to go directly to the account creation page page. Once you’ve created an account (the process is similar to other sites), you are taken to the main page which will initially show jobs based on your home zip code. The page is very clean, search results are easy to read and will indicate which search site it is from and the age of the posting. You can sort by Relevancy or by Date Added. You can also create saved searches and edit your details from this page. One nice feature is that you can print your resume, see it in two styles and even email it directly from the Resume page. The site is well done, easy to use and has a clean interface.
  • Experience – This site might be geared to college students and recent grads (not really sure). Similar to Jobsonline.net, you must create an account before you can do a full search. Using the “Browse Jobs & Internships” from the main page (you must select an industry) will return some results, but additional information requires an account. There are tabs at the top of the main page for Jobs, Portfolio (profile, resume, experiences and references), Networking (to chat with peers and mentors) and Guidance. Once you create an account, you can update your profile (resume, search agents, advice, etc.). Advanced job search provides a lot of flexibility. Overall, provides most of the tools that a college student or recent grad needs to organize and conduct their search (in one place). Again, not sure if this will work as well for experienced candidates.
  • Jobing – Very simple main page, the tag line is “Search local jobs, find local employers, connect with local people and discover local job resources in your Jobing Community”. Not clear from the main page, but the site currently covers only certain parts of the US. Type in your zip code to find out if it covers yours. From the “coverage” page, you can click to crate an account which allows you to add your resume, add job agents, view and store jobs you’ve applied to and make your resume searchable by potential employers.
  • Searchease – The main page has two choices, click “career site” on the left hand side (unless you are interested in job board software!). From the main career site page, there are several tabs at the top (Post Resume, Search Jobs, Job Search Agent, Jobs In-Box, Resource, plus much more). “Hot Opportunities” are listed on the left and a standard job search function is in the center of the page (along with advanced search – but you need a login for this). Featured employers are listed on the right hand side of the page. Clicking “Post Resume” from the top tab will take you to the registration page. While I did not register on the site, using the basic job search was difficult and I did not get many hits (and the back button did not work for me).
  • Addison Search – This recruiter focuses on four industries: Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Administrative and Healthcare. From their main page, you can click on one of the four industries. This takes you to a page that has jobs for that industry by city (middle of the page) with locations on the left. Below locations is a Job Hunting Tips area where you can get additional information on Resumes, Search Firms, Interview Tips and more. A very good point they make under “Search Firm Rules of the Road” is that you should keep track of where your resume is sent. Don’t let more than one search firm send your resume to the same place. This is not good for you and certainly won’t help with your relationships with the search firms.
  • Tyler & Company – Tyler & Co is a Healthcare Executive Search Firm. Their site includes information for candidates as well as job search (Open Positions on right-hand side of the page). Clicking on “Contact Us” will take you to a page where you can either search for jobs or submit your resume.
  • Street Advisor Group – This company provides both job placement and consulting services. Their home page has a listing of the latest job postings. Clicking on Job Seekers takes you to the advanced job search page. You can also submit your resume from this page. Street Advisor Group specialized in Wall Street placement.
  • Stan Hamlet Associates – Stan Hamlet Associates specializes in placement for Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Finance and HR for Fortune 500 companies. Their main page has sample postings and the email addresses of their staff. Their areas of focus are also listed, clicking on these takes you to a dedicated search page/listing of jobs associated with that profession. Clicking on “Apply” on the left hand side of the page will take you to a page that allows you to apply for a specific job or submit your resume.

Good luck in your search.

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