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Official Press Release: Jerry Kill Named Golden Gopher Football Head Coach

University Of Minnesota Gopher Football Coach 2010 Search Names

If the rumors of the past 24 hours are correct sometime today we will get word about who the next Head Coach is at the .

I have been on Twitter a lot with my account and have had TweetDeck fired up with a column dedicated to this by searching “” for about 3 weeks now.

Hats Off to , the staff and the players for staying strong and finishing the year with two wins including bring the pig, Floyd Of Rosedale back to Minneapolis where he belongs.

See this blog post for my photos and video from the Iowa game -->

While we wait I am taking a stroll down memory lane (about 60 days now, has it been longer?) since was relieved of his duties and the search for his replacement was started.

Below are some of the names that have been mentioned during this process. I am not going to sit here and tell you who was a legit candidate, who was interviewed or who was not.

I have no real clue and until someone on the inside gives an interview or writes a book I doubt anyone will really know.

One thing is for certain, other than a couple of minimal leaks from the athletic department this has been a very tightly run search.

had some parameters for the new coach and one of them is believed to be that he wanted a current (or recent) college head coach. So you will see the list has very few coordinators mentioned.

Here is the list, if I forgot to mention someone feel free to add them in the comments and then I will add in the list.

These are in no order and links go to their Wikipedia page:

Current Head Coach:

Former Head Coach:


  • – Offensive Coordinator at Auburn
  • – Offensive Coordinator at Wisconsin
  • – Was the Asst Coach at Florida hired as Head Coach at North Texas

NFL/UFL/CFL Connections:

This is the list from the search in 2007 brought us Tim Brewster:

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Paul Fritz

Which of these "candidates" have previous ties to the U of M, either as a player or a coach? I'd like to see someone who has some pre-existing Gopher Pride, like Dungy, come in. I know you got the Wikipedia links there, but I admit that I'm too lazy to click on all of them.

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