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Minnesota Jobs And Employment Report: November 2010

The up and down yo-yo that is the Minnesota job market continued in November of 2010 according to the numbers released by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

-5,100 jobs with the unemployment rate remaining at 7.1%

October numbers of +14,100 were revised to +16,000

So far in 2010 we are +48,000 Minnesota jobs.

Some things to look at with the numbers for this month:

- A spike in government jobs may coincide with the hiring of election judges

- Little or no increase in temporary hiring

- 7,000 temp jobs have been created in 2010

- Labor force participation dropped (again) to 71.6 percent the lowest rate since mid 1988

- The under/unemployed number is 13.8%

Job Gains - November (Year to Date):

+3,500 (1,700) Government

+1,800 (+12,900) Manufacturing

+1,500 (+12,200) Professional and Business Services

0 (+500) Logging and Mining

Job Losses:

-200 (+2,900) Information

-600 (-5,300) Construction

-700 (+13,400) Education and Health Services

-1,400 (-2,800) Other Services

-2,100 (+5,800) Trade, Transportation and Utilities

-2,900 (-3,500) Financial Services

-4,000 (+10,300) Leisure and Hospitality


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