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Minneapolis - St Paul Ranks #13 in the U.S. With 98,600 Tech Jobs

20 Cities With IT Job Growth

It Business Edge has been looking at statistics from on the growth of IT jobs posted on the site.

While these cities may not have the most jobs they are experiencing a growing job market which is for me as someone who looks at trends is a handy tool to have.

Click for the slides and here are the 20 cities listed:

Detroit, MI

Jacksonville, FL

Seattle, WA

Cleveland, OH

Charlotte, NC

Tampa, FL

Houston, TX

Silicon Valley

Raleigh, NC

Portland, OR

Atlanta, GA

Richmond, VA

Kansas City, MO

Denver, CO

Chicago, IL

Sacramento, CA

Milwaukee, WI

Pittsburgh, PA

Columbus, OH

Miami, FL

Back in March IT Business Edge had and while you will find many of the same cities listed there is a different order to them.


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